The Grand Tour

Take a photography tour following the same route that a young noble gentleman travelling to Rome might have done in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, and see some of the marvels of ancient Rome and the Renaissance that made "The Grand Tour" an essential right of passage in the cultural formation of a young "Milord."
Meeting point:- Under the statue of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius in the Piazza Campidoglio.

Meeting time: Select either am or pm. Mornings, 9 am (but chose earlier if you wish). Afternoons, 4 pm summer; 2.30  pm winter.

Main points of interest:- Piazza Campidoglio and view over the Roman Forum - Chiesa del Gesù (Church of Jesus) - Pantheon - Churches of Sant'Ignazio Loyola and church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva - Bernini's statue of the Elephant - Church of Mary Magdelene - Trevi Fountain - Spanish Steps - Pincio (views towards St. Peter's - Piazza del Popolo.


We meet under the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius in Piazza Campidoglio on the Capitol Hill, Ancient Rome's most sacred of the seven hills, and now home to the mayor's office and city administration. Redesigned by Michelangelo in the 16th century. Firstly we will move to behind the Palazzo Senatorial where we can photograph the Roman Forum from the best vantage point


Next we move to the Chiesa del Gesù, mother church of the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) where the body of their founder, Ignazio Loyola, lies interned in his magnificent tomb designed and constructed by Bernini.

On towards Campo Marzio and three more beautiful churches. Saint Mary over Minerva, Romanesque Gothic church of the Domenicans, Saint Ignatius, another Jesuits church with its amazing frescoed ceiling by Andrea Pozzo. Before we see the third we will admire and photograph the Pantheon.


The Trevi Fountain is a favourite attraction to Romans and visitors alike. Situated in a small square from which radiate seven small and narrow streets, creating the effect of stumbling across a magnificent discovery as all of a sudden you enter unexpectedly into the square to see the fountain before you. A design presented by the architect Nicola Salvi was chosen to replace a lesser, existing fountain as a "show" to celebrate the repair of the Roman Acqua Vergine Acqueduct and the new fountain opened on May 22nd 1762. Famous for the scene in the fillm La Dolce Vita by Federico Fellini when Anita Ekberg takes to the waters. The same two thousand year old acqueduct still supplies the water for the fountain, which legend of course relates, that you should throw a coin into to ensure your return one day to Rome.

Duration 3 hours 30 mins. Approximate walking distance 4 Kms.

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