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Many photographers put their cameras away when the light starts to fade, but digital cameras have made it so much easier to photograph and capture the urban and rural environment when it gets dark, and more and more photographers are getting hooked on nocturnal photography. Photographing the sunset and particularly twilight and the darkest night demands a particular approach but the results are well worth the extra effort. At Photographing Rome a private evening tour starts just before Rome's mythical sunset lights the sky with soft pink hues and bathes the palaces and monuments of Rome with a warm glow, and afterwards catching the "Blue Hour," when the sky turns to a dark blue with just enough light remaining in the shadows to stay within the dynamic range of the camera. The "Blue Hour" (or sometimes called the magic hour) is often utilised by architectural photographers because the deep blue of the sky contrasts so well with the warm tungsten lighting used in street lights and indoor lighting. Then later we photograph "Rome by Night," when Saint Peter's Basilica, the Bridge of Angels and the Colosseum are all illuminated. After darkness falls some of the lesser frequented streets away from the tourist centres become shrouded in an eerie timelessness, as if the centuries had never rolled over their walls and cobblestones, and we are stuck in a limbo where time stands still. On the tour we will study the techniques to get the used by architectural and nocturnal photographers to get the optimum images.

Or you could chose to venture farther away from Rome's more sought after famous landmarks and we can explore the grittier urban side of Rome after dark where graffiti covered trams pass under Roman arches and Thirties architecture vies with ancient ruins.

Our meeting time and place can be decided before you leave for your trip, or after your arrival in Rome. It is best to bring along a tripod sturdy enough to support your camera without any movement for long exposures of a minute or longer. Meeting times of course change according to the time of year.


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