Our workshops are designed for the photographer who wants to "get under the hood" of his or her art. On a Photographing Rome Workshop you will be taught how not to accept second best in your photos. Whether you are looking to build a personal portfolio or want to make your photos stand out against the competition we will help you to develop the skills you need. Photographers highly experienced in their field will train you to read your surroundings and judge how to create an engaging composition, improve your technical and how to make the light work for you. At the end of the workshop we will spend some time together to review everybody's work produced during the course.

Architectural photography possibly presents one of the most interesting and fascinating of image making disciplines. After all architecture is where we live and work: it is all around us and sometimes we take it for granted. Yet architecture exerts a fundamental influence on our lives like no other art form. Therefore photographing it is can be a lot more difficult than it might seem.

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