Each of the Rome tours offer a different experience combining, in varying measures, Rome's famous monuments and the lesser known, less trodden but equally fascinating backstreets and alleyways.
You can choose to take a full-day tour or a half-day tour, or combine two half-day tours to suit your taste. All of the tours are suitable for anyone from complete beginner to the well experienced photographer. The pace is relaxed. I will not rush you, we will follow the tour at the speed that you feel comfortable with. Sometimes events or the quality of light will keep us longer in one location, but no worries. Very often we get so engrossed in our photography that we don't make it to the "official" finishing point of the tour. But after all, it is not a bus route, and we don't have a fixed timetable. Our goal is just to get great photos and enjoy.

All day tours

On this all-day tour we start from the Castel Sant'Angelo, and enter as soon as it opens. The Castle, which was the Renaissance Popes' fortress and residence, would have been the starting point for the Popes of the 15th and 16th centuries when leaving in procession to claim the Bishophric of Rome at the archbasilica of Saint John in Lateran.
This photographic tour takes in some of the most famous and iconic landmarks and monuments that make Rome one of those "must visit in your lifetime" destinations. The stops on the way span two thousand years of history and each one offers memorable and dramatic scenes to photograph. During this tour we will explore and capture Rome's unique atmosphere and learn how to overcome some of the challenges that a crowded, tightly packed city presents. You will learn how to make descerning photographic decisions and seek to develop your way of seeing in order to come away with a personalised set of photographs and that break the mould of the usual shots that the more casual tourists bring back from their holidays. You will also learn some of the history of the places we visit and if time permits, stop for a coffee in the bar making the best coffee in Rome.

Half-day tours

Capitoline Hill to the Pincio Take a tour as a young noble gentleman travelling to Rome might have done in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, and see some of the marvels of ancient Rome and the Renaissance that made "The Grand Tour" an essential right of passage in the cultural formation of a young "Milord."
In Roman Footsteps * This is a shortened morning only version of the "In Roman Footsteps and Beyond" tour. Starting first thing at the Colosseum we will explore new ways to photograph this most popular of Rome's many wonders.
We make an early morning start at the Roman Porta Maggiore, or simply "Larger Gate." built into the 3rd century Aurelian walls. The gateway to the east of Rome is the site of the confluence of three aqueducts. Then progressing to the lively market in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele
This tour starts at the Pantheon and leads us across the river to the Trastevere district. The district, the name of which means "across the Tiber" used to be the port area and traditionally a poorer part of Rome. During Roman times foreigners who were not Roman citizens were not allowed to live anywhere in Rome except in this district.
This photographic tour follows a route from the two thousand year old Pantheon which celebrated the Romans pagan gods to the heart of the Roman Catholic church that unseated the old Pagan gods officially in 312 A.D.
The area bordering the Tiber between the only two bridges affording a crossing up until the end of the 19th century grew during mediaeval times from being a remote corner of the sparcely populated Campo Marzio to become a vital centre of the city.
Starting with a session in and around the Famous Piazza Navona dedicated to capturing the bustling atmosphere of this the most beautiful of Rome's piazzas with some street photography.

Evening tours

Many photographers put their cameras away when the light starts to fade, but digital cameras have made it so much easier to photograph and capture the urban and rural environment when it gets dark, and more and more photographers are getting hooked on nocturnal photography.

Individual Made to Measure

Want to try something different. Is there a part of Rome that particularly fascinates or interests you?

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