Useful advice

Though we won't be hurrying too much on a tour, walking up to 7Kms in a day can be hard on the feet, and a lot of Rome's street surfaces are cobble stones. Wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes or sneakers.
In the summer it can be very hot with temperatures reaching over 30°C. Wear a sunhat and bring sun protection cream for hot weather, and carry a small bottle of water, if you finish it you can fill it up again at one of Rome's many public drinking fountains, called "nasone" they supply deliciously cool fresh water.
In the winter when we can expect the weather to be on the whole wetter bring an umbrella or a poncho. Don't worry too much if you come without an umbrella, as soon as it rains in Rome umbrellas can be bought from a myriad street sellers for about € 5.
You do not need to be an expert with your camera, but it will help if you have at least a little working knowledge of its controls and menus.
Do not come overloaded with tons of equipment. To start with a camera bag soon gets heavy, and sometimes things happen quickly so it is better to be prepared with a standard zoom lens than have to rumage in your bag to find the right lens. A standard zoom, a telephoto zoom with a maximum focal length of around 200mm, and if you have a good wide-angle lens you will be more than ready. Of course, if you only have the one lens you will still be able to get great shots.
A speedlight can be useful. If you have one by all means bring it.
And don't worry if you only have a small compact camera (a so-called point-and-shoot.) You will still find plenty to learn and interest you on a Photographing Rome photo tour.


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