Some comments from past participants

The Best Way to See Rome.

Just spent a few days with Steve who is professional, personable, punctual, extremely knowledgeable and a real pleasure to be around. His insights into Rome, photographic expertise and friendliness helped make my trip to Rome one of the best I've had anywhere in the world. Whether you're a professional or hobbyist photographer, I'd highly recommend booking a tour with Steve who will show you the best view points to photograph Rome's iconic landmarks and attractions, as well as taking you to some hidden gems that only the locals know.

Kim, Hong Kong. November 2017


Excellent afternoon and evening tour of Rome

I am glad to have spent the time in Rome with Steve and thanks to him, I was able to see more of the city than I ever had previously. It served as a great start to my short stay in Rome.

Emory. August 2017


Steve and I spent 4 hours together. He took me to a number of locations that I would never have found on my own. They included some really out of the way stuff--salumerias, glass shops, furniture repair establishment. He is very personable and is quite willing to help photographers of all levels. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and got some great photos. I would not hesitate to do this again on my next trip.

Rupert M. Virginia. U.S.A. Dec 2016


Had a great time. Steve is an easy going, friendly, attentive and easily tailors the tour to your preferences. We managed to see all the sights I was looking for. Great tips from a pro, I got some lovely shots thanks to his advice and help. Would certainly recommend!!

Alan H. Scotland. March 2016


Steve is an easygoing pro who and a great guide. Rather than photographing central Rome and the tourist-heavy sites, I was able to photograph buildings in areas off the beaten path which is exactly what I was looking for. I recommend Photographing Rome for your next photography experience!

Angela, California. May 2015


The walkabout was well paced and.......learned how to improve compositions and adjust camera settings.  And seeing your photos along the way was helpful - now to practice.  I wish you were in London!
Once again, grazie mille for a very relaxing yet informative time - you have the magic formula.

Gail K. London May 2014


Thank you thank you!
Our time with Steve was amazing!
He was very professional and an amazing teacher.
He really pushed Jenni throughout the session to work with her camera and helped her to get much better at what she was shooting.
He took us to amazing places and Jenni was able to get many unique shots.
She had fun, was challenged and I know she learned a TON in this short amount of time!
Rebecca D. / Iowa

Just a short note to say how great it was to hang out with Steve for the day. He was really good with my wife and son also. We got some super shots and a great history lesson along the way. Even the weather didn't stop us. Steve also helped me "see" new photo opportunities along the way!
John H. / USA  

Pat had the best day of his LIFE with you.  He was just ecstatic about all he learned from you about Roma and photography.
Charlie K. San Francisco.

Must say it was fantastic. Steve’s knowledge of Rome was excellent and it was terrific seeing Rome from his point of view. He knew all the best locations for incredible photographs. Best of all, Steve was an excellent teacher.
Scott J.


Steve was excellent…..unique locations to get great shots that capture the essence of the city, to provide guidance on composition, use of light and perspective and finally give suggestions on getting the best photographs…. Steve did all that in a charming and congenial way.

Lawrence A. Canada. November 2010


I enjoyed the tour a great deal. Steve Bisgrove was my guide. He started by finding out my level of knowledge and then teaching me things that were just beyond where I was. I had never had a photography class and so some of the things he taught me were really basic, which is exactly what I needed. Steave taught me a bit about composition, as much as I could absorb really. He taught me about the primary settings on my camera and how they impacted the picture. He told me about additional information I needed to learn, and suggested sites to get that information when I have time. I found the instruction very helpful. The walk included discussion of topic selection and hints about where to look to find interesting subjects to photograph, in any city really, since there is no shortage in Rome. I believe that anyone would find 4 hours with Steve useful and informative, and they will take better and more interesting pictures at the end. I would say that the percentage of my photos that look good in a slide show went from about 20 to more like 80 as a result of the instruction. THANKS STEVE. I could have improved the experience by letting him know what camera I use before the trip.

John K. USA. August 2010


I enjoyed your company, the chat and the relaxed approach you take. I can only imagine the perspective you could give to someone with more knowledge than myself.

David G. Scotland. September 2010


Wanted to say thank you for the photographic tour today. It is repeatedly humbling to get a better understanding of how little I know. The lessons today were many.

Steven L. North. Carolina


He is so knowledgeable and friendly, and took us to places we could never have found or gained entry to if we'd been left to our own devices. We are both very pleased with

the photographs we took on the tour.


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