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You are free to view the website (the site) and all of its pages without supplying or leaving any personal information such as your name, address, e mail address. Photographing Rome (PR) does not ask for any personal information unless you wish to book or make enquiries regarding phototours, workshops or other activities or any of the contents of  the site.
In such case after registering for any tour or workshop your personal information, including your e mail address  will not be divulged, distributed, lent, loaned, sold or made known to any third party.

PR will retain your personal information only for such reasons as responding to a booking request, e mailing invoices, responding to customer  support queries. Customers who sign up for a portrait tour will be asked to supply a house address for mailing DVDs or CDs containing their photographs.
From time to time PR may e mail clients with details of any new upcoming tours, workshops or other activities.
PR reserves the right, unless otherwise specifically requested by the client, to use any portrait photograph taken during or on a portrait tour for use on its own website or blog for purely promotional purposes.
No reference to the personal details of the people portrayed will be made except when published in a blog where first names only might be given.
Due to the rapidly evolving nature of the internet PR may change these policies from time to time.

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