Amalfi coast tour

Get immersed in the magical atmosphere of the Amalfi Coast, declared a UNESCO protected site for its outstanding beauty and the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea, on a photographic tour conducted with a professional photographer and in the company of a local guide, Angelo, who was born and raised in Maiori and knows the whole area well, and most of the people too! 
The coast and the enchanting towns spread along fifty kilometres are a treat for the photographer’s lens. There’s Positano with its pastel coloured houses perched on a vertiginous cliff face that tumble down to the azure sea, and tiny streets and steps providing a chance to shoot some street photography. Another attraction is the fishing town of Cetara, with its deep-sea tuna fishing fleet. At night fishermen in small boats set out to fish for anchovies. The town of Amalfi itself, from where the coast takes its name, with its Sicilian-Norman cathedral of Saint Andrew. Then we mustn’t forget the famous town of Ravello, perched 1000 feet above sea level with its peaceful lanes and terraces. These are just some of the many characteristic towns that we will be able to visit whether you pick a one or two-day tour.
Of course the Amalfi coast is not just its towns but also the mountains that rise up from sea full of terraced lemon groves, tiny hidden chapels and inspiring vistas.
And then at day’s end we can enjoy the delicious local cuisine and review and edit our shots from the day. Contact us for further information at or call Steve on +39 339 1190970

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