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On a Photographing Rome Walking Workshop my aim is to help you to use your eyes to see things that most people might overlook, to get away from the predictable, so that you learn to take photos that stand out. My method of teaching is very relaxed. Whether you’re on your first camera, or  have been shooting for years, I just want you to have fun improving your photography and learning skills that you can take home with you and use time and again; and inspire you to keep on improving. I’m always ready to adjust the tour so that it fits your needs. So if you have just discovered a passion for photography but find all the technical stuff confusing I will unravel the mysteries of f-stops and ISO for you. If on the other hand you struggle with composition or capturing the moment we can concentrate on that aspect. Likewise your interest might lie in architectural photography; or maybe you like photographing the local people, or want to get some candid street shots. We can shape the itinerary to suit your particular photographic interests.

After all these tours are there to help you photograph the Rome that you want to remember.


Rome our location

Rome is a legendary city. There cannot be many other cities that have such a hold on our collective consciousness.
With over 2,700 years of history from its mythical founding by Romulus and Remus through to the Roman empire and its decline, sacked by successive barbarian invasions and rising again with the power and wealth of the ambitious Renaissance Popes.

Popes like the Borgia Alexander VI, Jiulius II and the Farnese Paul III who commissioned artists like Raphael, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Bernini

to transform Rome into a magnificent city once again.
The Grand Tour and the Dolce Vita.
Rome is all this.
A wonderful destination for a holiday and a fantastic opportunity for any photographer.

And yet it’s a buzzing vibrant modern city, traffic bound, confusing, chaotic.

To the untrained eye it can look like a clutter. Where do you start?
I see lots of people with digital cameras taking hurried and snatched photos.  
Instead you will be encouraged to practise looking out for the photographic potential of your surroundings,

and how to transmit the emotion of a given subject or scene into a compelling image.

Your guide, Steve Bisgrove, has been a professional photographer for nearly thirty years,
After learning his trade with two top London photographers he started out as a freelance photographer in the mid-eighties in a studio in central London, shooting still life, architecture, interiors, people and landscapes for advertising agencies and magazines, design groups and companies. He helped shoot a British Airways calender over five continents on a round the world assignment which was really a modern day equivalent of "Around the World in 80 Days."

In 1990 when his wife was expecting their first child he moved to Milan and spent a prolonged period photographing room sets, as well as assignments for Casa Vouge and Amica magazines.
He moved in 1995 with his young family to Rome, where, among diverse commissions he has photographed a scooter in the Trevi Fountain, and Bernini statues in the Galleria Borghese. He has also produced an extensive reportage of artisan workshops and historic shops of Rome. Other assignments include shooting portraits, urban landscapes, reportages and events for companies such as The Financial Times, variousl Airline inflight magazines, universities, and advertising agencies in Italy and abroad. Digital photography has played a huge role in changing the aspect of photography and photographers. Photographers now choose and indeed are expected to photograph a much wider spectrum of genres, and Steve has enlarged his portfolio to also include reportage and street photography, portraiture, fashion shows, sports, politics and show biz. His images held by different stock agencies are published by magazines and book publishers around the world.

Photographs of his have been recognised by the Royal Photographic Society and the British Association of Photographers.
His work has also won awards in various competitions, including:- 2016, Finalist for the Annual International Color Awards: 2015, PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris: 2015, One Eyeland Bronze Award: 2015, Moscow International Foto Awards, Honourable mention.
The tours.

Each of the Rome tours offer a different experience combining, in varying measures, Rome's famous monuments and the lesser known, less trodden but equally fascinating backstreets and alleyways.
You can choose to take a full-day tour or a half-day tour, or combine two half-day tours to suit your taste.

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