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If you are coming to Rome to get married, pop the question, or a romantic getaway before tying the knot, or for your honeymoon, then Photographing Rome can capture your special unforgettable moments. Getting away together for a short break a couple of months before the big day can be a welcome moment to share a respite from all the well meaning questions and demands friends and future in-laws will be putting to you in the run up to your wedding. So why not chose Rome. You can't get a much more romantic city. It's got romance in bundles: relaxed street life, pavement cafes, over 2,500 hours of sunshine per year,* and great food; not to mention its Roman ruins, Baroque piazzas, Renaisance palaces, the history, its views that you can gaze at for hours, and the ethereal soft golden light that attracted 18th century painters from all over Europe; which at sunset lights the sky with pink fire. Being away from friends and family, just the two of you, is a good opportunity to get over any camera shyness and spend a light-hearted and relaxed few hours with a photographer adding a prologue to your wedding album. And what city could be better as the setting for making that wedding proposal to your fiancee. Photographing Rome is here to capture that special occasion candidly and unobtrusively. If you are coming to Rome to celebrate a birthday, an engagement or anniversary then you can chose to have a professional photographer accompany you on a sightseeing trip around the city. Throwing a party to celebrate? A photographer can join you to capture some of the atmosphere and fun of the everning. We can also organise make-up artists and hair-dressing services for the occasion, and if you don't feel like to much walking between locations we can also engage a limousine and driver.

The sessions last a whole morning, afternoon or evening. Around four hours. You can also chose to have a photo session outside of Rome. The countryside and small towns around Rome are full of fascination and beauty.
You could decide on Tivoli, 30 kilometers to the east of Rome, which boasts two fabulous and unique locations ideally suited to providing fantastic settings in which to capture some shared moments. The first is the famous gardens and fountains at Villa D'Este. An unsurpassed example of renaissance culture and a World Heritage Site with architectural follies, statues,  fountains, water features and pools set in a terraced garden.
The second is Hadrian's Villa, built by the Emperor Hadrian as a country retreat it comprised 30 buildings including palaces, spa, temples, theatres, state-rooms and libraries in a variety styles copied from all over the empire. The suggestive ruins cover an area of 250 acres.

Pre and post wedding tours, which last for at least 4 hours (not including any travel time) start at € 490.00 and include at least 35 photos retouched to a professional standard, plus all the others as processed large jpg files supplied on a memory stick and on-line for you to download. Retouching includes colour correction, but also enhancing colours where necessary, removing offending objects if any, and contrast and a tiny bit of sharpening.

If you wish we can also supply you with slideshow on a CD of at least 50 photos at an additional price of € 50.

The Rome Superintendence for Artistic Heritage levies a charge of € 150 and € 130 for photographing couples in wedding dress at Villa D'Este and Hadrian's Villa respectively.


* http://www.rome.climatemps.com/If

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