On holiday, getting married soon, or just recently tied the knot. Whichever it is it's always great to get some photos to help you tell the story, and some visual memories to keep for yourselves and the future. When there is perhaps just the two of you, or if you are a small group, which one of you is going to take those shots? Well let me handle that. We can walk around Rome, or drive, or travel farther afield, for a couple of hours, or half a day or more, and I will capture those special moments while you live them.


Whether you are a couple coming for a romantic holiday, or here with the family, or coming with friends, it's great to get some professional photos of yourselves to keep your memories alive. Rome is the most romantic of cities, so don't leave without having had those magic moments of your visit to the Eternal City immortalised by a pro photographer. Since the days of the Renaissance artists have come to Rome to paint its famous ruins and architecture, and once here they were enchanted by its ethereal light. Rome provides the scenery, and the light, let me add you to the equation and your vacation will be truly unforgettable and you'll have the pictures to prove it.

When you go on holiday do you always take photos of each other but never have photos of you together? On a portrait tour we will spend a couple of hours together while I capture your memories
If you are coming to Rome to get married, pop the question, or a romantic getaway before tying the knot, or for your honeymoon, then Photographing Rome can capture your special unforgettable moments. It might seem funny to have an "Almost Married" photo session, but there are several reasons why it's not such a bad idea. Getting away together for a short break a couple of months before the big day can be a welcome moment to share a respite from all the well meaning questions and demands friends and future in-laws will be putting to you in the run up to your wedding.

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