Going on holiday to Rome? Bringing your camera?

Then come with me on a Photographing Rome photo tour if you want to improve your photography skills and sharpen your photographic vision. Tours are open to beginners, amateurs, semi-pros and professionals who are looking to get something special out of their photography here in Europe’s most historic city. At the same time as discovering the best places to shoot Rome’s great monuments, classical Baroque architecture, and famous piazzas, I will also show you her hidden courtyards, obscure churches and winding alleyways, you will be taught how to frame and compose the scenes before you using the rules of composition, and sometimes deliberately breaking them.
I have been working as a professional photographer since 1986. I have lived in Rome for over twenty years and have been conducting photographic tours around the city since 2006. So you can be sure that I know the best places to photograph, the more interesting vantage points to photograph from and the scores of small winding streets, churches, nooks and secret places that are as much a part of the eternal city as the Colosseum and Saint Peter's.

Evening Tour

Many photographers put their cameras away when the light starts to fade, but digital cameras have made it so much easier to photograph and capture the urban and rural environment when it gets dark, and more and more photographers are getting hooked on nocturnal photography.

Architectural Photography Workshops

Architectural photography possibly presents one of the most interesting and fascinating of image making disciplines. After all architecture is where we live and work: it is all around us and sometimes we take it for granted. Yet architecture exerts a fundamental influence on our lives like no other art form. Therefore photographing it is can be a lot more difficult than it might seem.

Two hour vacation portrait shoot

When you go on holiday do you always take photos of each other but never have photos of you together? On a portrait tour we will spend a couple of hours together while I capture your memories

The Jewish Ghetto

ITA The Roman Jewish community is one of the oldest in the world, having come originally from the Holy Land in the 2nd Century B.C. Under Julius Cesaer, who employed them for their connections throughout the Empire, they were treated well, and for most of the period of the Roman Empire. However, in 1555 during the Catholic Counter Revolution Pope Paul IV issued a papal bull establishing a Jewish ghetto and forcing the Jewish population of Rome to live there. Built on a frequently flooded bend in the river Tiber, around two thousand people were crammed into a seven acre site. Gates were set into the walls that were locked at sunset and reopened in the morning, and if venturing outside of the ghetto during the day the men were made to were yellow hats and the women yellow scarves. Jews were also prohibited from carrying out any profession or trade except selling second hand clothes or money lending. Several drapers’ shops and assorted clothiers are still to be found in the area. It was not until 1870 when Rome was invaded by Savoyard troops and became part of the new Italian Kindgom that the Jews became full citizens free to live anywhere and to practice any profession. The ghetto today remains almost exclusively Jewish, the people proudly conserving their identity. The street is where everyone meets and socialises, and the restaurants in the area serve Romano Jewish food; the real original Roman cuisine.
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Many photographers put their cameras away when the light starts to fade, but digital cameras have made it so much easier to photograph and capture the urban and rural environment when it gets dark, and more and more photographers are getting hooked on nocturnal photography.
This photographic tour takes in some of the most famous and iconic landmarks and monuments that make Rome one of those "must visit in your lifetime" destinations. The stops on the way span two thousand years of history and each one offers memorable and dramatic scenes to photograph. During this tour we will explore and capture Rome's unique atmosphere and learn how to overcome some of the challenges that a crowded, tightly packed city presents. You will learn how to make descerning photographic decisions and seek to develop your way of seeing in order to come away with a personalised set of photographs and that break the mould of the usual shots that the more casual tourists bring back from their holidays. You will also learn some of the history of the places we visit and if time permits, stop for a coffee in the bar making the best coffee in Rome.
This photographic tour follows a route from the two thousand year old Pantheon which celebrated the Romans pagan gods to the heart of the Roman Catholic church that unseated the old Pagan gods officially in 312 A.D.
The area bordering the Tiber between the only two bridges affording a crossing up until the end of the 19th century grew during mediaeval times from being a remote corner of the sparcely populated Campo Marzio to become a vital centre of the city.

Some comments from past participants

"Just a short note to say how great it was to hang out with Steve for the day. He was really good with my wife and son also. We got some super shots and a great history lesson along the way." "Thank you thank you! Our time with Steve was amazing! He was very professional and an amazing teacher. He really pushed Jenni throughout the session to work with her camera and helped her to get much better at what she was shooting. He took us to amazing places and Jenni was able to get many unique shots. She had fun, was challenged and I know she learned a TON in this short amount of time!"

Useful advice

There are a few things to bear in mind when preparing for a photography tour around Rome. Please read on to find out what you need to bring with you.

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